Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ty Sculpture: A Special Kind of Fool album artwork

The Nkisi or Nkondi style of the sculpture was a technique used in 19 Century West Africa where reflective surfaces were used to represent eyes and human hair, teeth or indeed any object thought to be spiritually charged was placed inside the sculptures hollow centre to affirm oaths or dispel evil forces. The TY sculpture head is representational of this process and acts as a protector of the relentless and uncompromising approach to this artists music. The materials used are largely objects that make or share music. Guitar strings, picks, headphones, phono leads, firewire cables, flash drives, mic cords etc are all used to reflect that, in essence, TY is a music man and a creative pioneer.

But lastly I hope that the artwork is ambiguous enough that people will interpret it in whichever way they want.

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  1. Amazing piece of work by an amazing artist for an amazing artist. Peace. TJ Chill, Universal Zulu Nation